Using Bitcoin profits to buy your dream property: new opportunities in Germany’s property market

Using Bitcoin profits to buy your dream property: new opportunities in Germany's property market

From virtual coins to real stones: Invest your Bitcoin profits in premium property

The world of cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular, is known for its rapid growth and the associated profit opportunities. Many investors have realised high returns with Bitcoin, but are faced with the challenge of investing these digital profits in tangible, long-term assets. Since April 2023, direct property purchases with cryptocurrencies have been prohibited in Germany due to the Money Laundering Act. But thanks to an innovative collaboration between and Black Label Immobilien, new avenues are now opening up.

Innovative ways to invest in property thanks to crypto partnership

The partnership between and Black Label Immobilien offers a unique solution: an exchange service with a Bitcoin price guarantee that makes it possible to invest cryptocurrencies in the property market in an uncomplicated and secure manner. This cooperation between savedroid FL GmbH, a subsidiary of Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG, and BLP Investments GmbH creates new opportunities for investors to invest their crypto profits efficiently and in compliance with the rules in the purchase of property. » to the press release

Secure investments in a regulated environment

The fully regulated Bitcoin payment gateway creates an innovative user experience that paves the way for property purchases with Bitcoin in Germany. This offers new opportunities for both sellers and buyers in the property market.

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Premium properties with Black Label Immobilien

Turn your crypto profits into sustainable property investments.

Black Label Immobilien stands for exclusive and high-quality properties. Our portfolio includes a variety of attractive properties that are perfect for those investors looking to turn their Bitcoin profits into substantial assets. Whether you are looking for an elegant townhouse, a modern condominium or a luxurious property in Berlin, you will find the ideal property for your needs at Black Label Immobilien.

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With my comprehensive knowledge of the market, I can provide you with optimum support in both areas. I respect the deep desire for anonymity and therefore offer the opportunity to trade exclusive properties off-market. Neither photos nor specific information that could reveal the location, property or owner will be published.

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Note on current case law:

Buying property in Germany with Bitcoin violates the Money Laundering Act.

In the course of digitalisation, new payment methods are becoming popular. It is therefore only logical to consider payment with crypto values such as Bitcoin. However, it should be noted that although such transactions can be carried out securely against manipulation in the digital world, it is difficult to assign the values to a real person and their home address. For this reason, the purchase of real estate with crypto assets has been prohibited in Germany since April 2023 by the Money Laundering Act. According to the newly introduced Section 16a, the purchase of domestic real estate can only be effected with assets other than "cash, crypto assets, gold, platinum or precious stones." Since April 2023, notaries have been instructed to only initiate the transfer of ownership in the land register if they are provided with proof of payment of the purchase price for the property using means of payment other than those that are no longer permitted. In practice, this is typically done by submitting a bank statement from the seller or by confirming to the notary that the purchase price has been credited to their account.

Buyer can reclaim unauthorised payment at any time

There is a particular risk for sellers who may accept a different payment, for example cash or crypto assets: the new legal regulation (Section 16 a GwG) stipulates that a buyer can reclaim this payment without further ado. The seller therefore risks losing ownership of the property and later being exposed to the buyer's claim to reclaim the cash handed over. The Money Laundering Act expressly stipulates that the buyer can assert such a reclaim at a later date. In this case, the seller would lose out.

Seller without rights in case of unauthorised means of payment

It is therefore highly advisable not to accept any payment with values that are no longer permitted. If the parties involved in the property contract choose a constellation to circumvent the prohibition, there is a risk that this circumvention transaction will be equated with the prohibited payment method and the seller will later be left without rights.

Berlin, November 2023
Ulrich Joerss
Attorney and notary