What are the differences between estate agents in England and Germany

What are the differences between estate agents in England and Germany?

One of the first things you will notice as an international client, especially if you are from the UK, is that estate agencies in Germany operate in their own distinctive way.

The fees involved in both » selling property and » buying property  through an agent are generally higher than elsewhere in Europe, and while this may initially come as a bit of a shock if you are an international client, once you are made aware of the unique services that the real estate agent provides you with in return, it becomes very clear why you pay the fees you do.

Firstly: A good real estate agent in Germany will make sure you have a fair overview of the market and educate you about your various options. At Black Label, for example, we have over 550 properties from which you can choose from and our experts invest a great deal of time working closely with you and your criteria to try to find you exactly what you are looking for. At all times we are working for you as the client and our knowledgable team will always be on hand to offer information on all of your possible choices.

Secondly: Black Label will manage your expectations. In order to do this we will not only provide you with unique rental and purchase-price analyses but we also offer a personal, face-to-face meeting in order to ensure that you understand everything about the property in question, such as quotes on the rental income if you are a buy-to-let investor. We will also cover all commercial aspects of the transaction in order to keep you safe and ensure that you are not being overcharged as an international client.

Thirdly: Black Label will help you to get the financing you need. Our partner experts specialize in mortgage lending in Berlin and can advise and assist you in financing your dream property. We will also source English-speaking lawyers and help to guide you through the legal process at all stages; something which as an international client we understand can often appear a daunting process.

Therefore when you buy a property with us at Black Label we are offering you the full service package. We are not only selling you a property which fits your criteria, but we are organising the management, the letting, the marketing, the accountants and we even offer furniture packages if you wish to furnish your property. Black Label Properties will be there for you throughout the whole process, even after the sale has gone through.

Important things for an international client to know when approaching an agent in Berlin

If you are an international client and it is the first time you are ever buying property in Berlin, it can all seem a little overwhleming. The most important things to do in order to ensure yourself a simple and stress-free process is approach the right real estate agents. Make sure to contact various agents and not only one, as this will allow you to decide who you feel will represent your interests best.

How do you determine whether an agent in Berlin is reliable? It is really rather simple. Make sure that they can provide the whole range of vital services you will need and also good, independent advice. If they do, you can feel secure in buying or selling a home with them.

A good agent should

  • offer a large variety of properties,
  • have a very transparent buying process,
  • educate you about the risks as well as the benefits of buying,
  • give good advice e.g. can provide commercial inside regarding investment e.g. market trends, where is up and coming, what exactly is in the local area (other properties available), renovation possibilities, vacancy rates,
  • recommend independent lawyers and financial experts,
  • offer guidance on relocating to Berlin,
  • offer after-sales services such as letting and management services.

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