What kind of mortgage financing is available in Berlin?

What kind of mortgage financing is available in Berlin?

Find the appropriate mortgage through optimal financing advice and our extensive offers.

There are many great reasons to buy your own apartment or build your own house.  For example, you are not only saving rent expenses and ensuring your old-age security, but you are also providing an optimal safeguard for your children.

The financing of a property however is not quite so easy, because very few can simply shake the necessary equity out of their sleeves. Buyers are therefore dependent on getting a mortgage. But how can you filter out the best from the extensive offers?
Our experts specialize in mortgage lending in Berlin and can advise and assist you in financing your dream property.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • The brokerage of mortgage lending in Berlin is free of charge for you.
  • You have a personal contact to whom you can reach not only on the phone but also in a personal financing appointment in our offices in Berlin.
  • We are at your disposal 6 days a week for all of your questions regarding mortgage lending in Berlin.
  • Our loan comparisons are completely transparent to you so that you get a clear overview of all of your financing options.
  • Due to the amount of mortgages we broker per year, our finance partners achieve better finance options for you as our customer. We help you to find the best in over 400 banks, not only in terms of the most favorable terms, but also in terms of services.
  • You save yourself the time and effort of having to contact several banks yourself, while at the same time offering you transparency and an overview of the various offers.
  • Our real estate financing consultants will work out the perfect financing plan for you in terms of fixed interest, repayment installment and duration. They are also able to inform you about the possibility of follow-up financing.
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