Nico Bähr: Property sales with foresight and expertise

Nico Bähr: Property sales with foresight and expertise

Choosing a property agent can often be a difficult decision, especially in a market as large and dynamic as Berlin and Brandenburg. But it is precisely in this complexity that the value of an estate agent who is down-to-earth, reliable and honest - like Nico Bähr - becomes apparent. His way of working is not based on big promises, but on solid craftsmanship, trust and close cooperation with his clients. Where others may use big advertising slogans, Nico relies on genuine human relationships and an understanding of his clients' individual needs.

Many estate agents may have a district or a specific region in which they know their way around. For Nico Bähr, however, that is not enough. His deep connection to Berlin-Friedrichshain is not only professional, but also personal. He grew up here, in the lively streets and among the historic buildings, and spent many formative years of his life. This authentic connection to the neighbourhood has enabled him not only to show his clients houses and flats, but also to bring them closer to the stories and the attitude to life that goes hand in hand with them.

As the exclusive estate agent for renowned architect Sven Burgheim, Nico has had the opportunity to broker some of the most impressive luxury penthouses in Friedrichshain. But his portfolio extends far beyond these exclusive properties: from small flats to spacious condominiums, Nico Bähr has successfully sold an impressive range of properties in his career.

But life is a journey, and for Nico, this journey took him from the pulsating heart of Berlin to the capital's tranquil hinterland. His move to Brandenburg not only broadened his personal horizons, but also his professional spectrum. Today, he not only represents clients in Berlin, but is also the point of contact for those wishing to settle in the Brandenburg area.

Nico Bähr has first-hand knowledge of both the vibrant life of Berlin and the peaceful countryside of Brandenburg. This dual perspective enables him to match buyers and sellers with the exact property that matches their ideas and lifestyles.

Nico Bähr & Black Label Immobilien

Nico Bährs Portfolio spiegelt nicht nur die Vielfalt seiner Expertise wider, sondern auch seinen Erfolg in der Branche. Doch dieser Erfolg wäre ohne die enge und effektive Zusammenarbeit mit dem Team von Black Label Immobilien nicht möglich. Gemeinsam realisieren sie Projekte, die von zentral gelegenen Berliner Wohnlagen bis hin zu den friedlichen Ecken Brandenburgs reichen.

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Working together for property success

Insight into Nico Bähr's current projects with Black Label Immobilien.

Seaside Rummelsburger Bucht

Seaside Rummelsburger Bucht

Located in the heart of Berlin, this project offers a unique waterside residential location. Located directly on the riverside path, it houses two buildings with a total of 60 comfortable condominiums.

These flats, which vary between 48 and 115 m², offer 2 to 4 rooms.

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Condominiums in Berlin-Friedrichshain
Condominiums in Berlin-Friedrichshain


Discover your new home in Friedrichshain: ready-to-occupy new-build flats in the garden house. Enjoy maximum living comfort with a heat pump, underfloor heating and an unobstructed view of the countryside - an oasis in the centre of urban life.

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Attic flats

These flats are unique. Under the creative direction of architect Swen Burgheim, two penthouse flats have been created in a traditional Berlin building. They combine industrial style with modern comfort. And proof of Nico Bähr's success in the Black Label Immobilien team: only one penthouse flat is still for sale!

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Are you considering selling your property?

One call to Nico Bähr is all it takes. Thanks to his extensive experience and the strong backing of Black Label Immobilien, the sale of your property will be a smooth and successful process. With Nico at your side, nothing stands in the way of a successful purchase or sale.

Nico Bähr

Telephone: +49 30 - 679 48 646

Honesty pays off!

This is how customers rate Nico Bähr.

And it is not only his actions that characterise Nico Bähr, but also the feedback and recommendations of his many satisfied customers. Many of them have shared their positive experiences with him:

"I had a great experience with Black Label Immobilien. A special thank you to my estate agent Nico Bähr, who gave me good advice over a long period of time and guided me through the buying process. Above all, the mix of honesty and directness, combined with warmth in the advice, was invaluable to me." Ireti Amojo

"Mr Bähr really stands out positively from other estate agents. He was always committed, always available and took care of any problems that arose. I wouldn't have been able to realise the flat remotely without his help." Dr Michael Schwalb

"It's rare to find an estate agent who is so trustworthy. With Nico, we had the feeling that we were getting really good advice without being talked into anything. We will definitely contact him again if we need to!"